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20th February 2018

Translating the Neuroscience Behind Emotional Wellbeing

The Three Swans Hotel, 21 High Street, Market Harborough, Leicestershire, LE16 7NJ

9th & 10th July 2018

Resilient children grow up confident that they can meet life’s challenges and they know who they can go to teach them the skills they need to succeed. They have positive and loving people at home, in the schools and the community who support their independence and development and help insulate them from stress and trauma.

Recent developments in affective neuroscientific research and the Trauma Sensitive Schools movement help us re-conceptualize and understand the construct of resilience from a biopsychosocial perspective and this powerful knowledge translates directly into practical things that we can all do, in any setting, to help children optimize their physical health and mental health. 

Part 1/Day 1—9am to 3:30pm
A quick review of functional neuroanatomy
History of research on emotions 
A paradigm shift on the mind-body connection
The neuroscience research on embodied cognition, interoception, & homeostasis
Affective neuroscience research on defining emotional networks
Exploration of affective states
Part 2/Day 2
Perspectives and Transition from Day 1
Rethinking resilience
Review of the Building Blocks Model of Resilience
Case Studies
Practical Group Experiences 
Action Planning
Presenters:         Dr. Philippa McGirl and Dr. Elaine Fletcher-Janzen - The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Chicago, Illinois